• With single screw pumps
  • VFD drive for variable speed
  • With magflow meters & all controls
  • Imported pumps & drives

We offer a complete range of make-down systems and dosing systems for a range of paper chemicals


Each skid is carefully designed in-house, and the designs optimised for trouble-free service and easy maintenance. The degree of automation is customized according to customer requirements, and ranges from fully manual operation to fully automatic operation


Range of Products:

  • Dosing Units for retention aids, AKD, polymers, betonite, and other chemicals
  • With motor-driven diaphragm type dosing pumps
  • With single screw pumps
  • In single/duplex/triplex designs
  • VFD drive for variable speed
  • With magflow meters & local control panel
  • Online dilution system provided
  • Automation/ DCS Interface to suit customer requirements
  • Compact make-down units for retention aids/polymers
  • Bentonite make-down units
  • ASA emulsification units and dosing units
  • Starch Dosing Units
  • Starch Cooler systems
  • Static Mixers
  • Slurry Mixers
  • Ejectors
  • Mixing Tanks
Diaphragm Dosing Pump skid Wilden Pump on trolley
Polymer Dosing Systems(For Paper Industry)  imported Netzsch single screw pumps
ASA Emulsifier, designed and developed by us, for the first time in the country Polymer Dosing System using Diaphragm Dosing Pumps & with local control panel
SS Eductor for Polymer dissolution SS Static Mixers
Starch Dosing Unit 3-pump dosing system with diaphragm dosing pumps
Dosing Units under manufacture
Custom-made equipment for any special application can be developed to suit customer requirements
Dosing Units Fuel Oil Handling Systems Lube Oil systems
Other Products Systems Developed by Our R&D
Control & Instrumentation Systems