• Oil pumping and heating units
  • Oil decanting stations (Unloading Systems)
  • LDO pumping/filtering systems
  • HFO transfer (booster) units
  • Complete fuel systems, including tanks

Fuel Oil Systems - Range

  • Oil pumping & heating systems
  • (Fuel Oil Conditioning/Forwarding Stations)
  • - With screw pumps (or) gear pumps
  • - With steam (or) electric heaters
  • - Pressures upto 55 bar and more
  • - Flows upto 25,000 lit/hr and more
  • Unloading systems (decanting stations)
  • - Flows upto 35,000 lit/hr and more
  • Compete with instrumentation / Control & Instrumentation Systems


Fuel Fuel Firing System for Boiler Fuel Firing System for Boiler
Fuel Firing System for Boiler LDO Valve Skid
Fuel Oil Day Tank Cap. 25 KL Fuel Transfer Module for Diesel
Tanker Unloading System for Heavy Fuel Oil Pre-pressure Module for Heavy Fuel Oil
Fuel Booster Module for HFO (Toyo Denki 3 MW DG set) Fuel Booster Module for HFO (Skoda 1 MW DG set)


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